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surrealist and fantastic art sites

enter Nelly Chichlakova's extraordinary world

enter Colleen D. Gjefle's site of the surreal

enter Slawek Wojtowicz's site of science fiction art.... and then enter his links page for artists of the surreal fantastic as well as sci-fi!

Vicki Horati's fractal world

enter Craig Blair's surrealist site

Michael Csontos "A contemporary surrealistic artist creating surreal and fantastic images from the mind's eye"

enter Trevor Partington's site of the surreal and fantastic art

Demetrios Vakras' Art of the Surreal and Fantastic

Enter the wonderful world of Surrealomania

An excellent show case site for artists working in the Surreal genre.

By Christian DeBoeck. "This web site is a teaser for a planned book on Fantastic Art, which will include an exhaustive lexicon listing some 3500+...artists from the Renaissance to the present (all those I have been able to discover and document that is), who have worked in the fantastic/surreal/visionary vein."

Karl Franklin's Art of the Surreal, Fantastic and Visionary.

enter the Dark Side Of The Net........

the movement continues...


enter the NEW site! click into the icon to view new oil paintings for 2000, 2001 and more...