Echo Gallery - Chicago

The 2002 Halloween Show

Echo Gallery, owned and run by Derek Geisser and Veronika Kotlajich is a fabulous alternative gallery space in Chicago with a
very promising future.
Veronika and Derek built this gallery themselves which includes a music studio and design house.
They promote art that compliments their taste for the bizzare and fantastic. May their energies and efforts be continually rewarded.
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The 2002 Halloween Exhibition

From L to R: Derek Geisser, Demetrios Vakras, Lee-Anne Raymond and Veronika Kotlajich

The gallery interior and Demetrios Vakras

Demetrios Vakras, Chad Savage, Robert Morris

Ken Kierns, Demetrios Vakras

Dan Ouelette, Matt Lombard, Demetrios Vakras

Matt Lombard, Demetrios Vakras, "Terence & Phillip"

Veronika Kotlajich

Matt, Chad and Robert with by now an exhausted "T & P"

Hippy meets Mardi Gra G

Space Cadets (those that costumed up went to allot of trouble these were particularly well constructed)

Gottcha covered

Bernadette, Scooter & Muse

The unknown "Black" Telly Tubby and a perfect BatGirl

Ken Kierns - "Toy"