Sex at The Field Museum

Chicago's Field Museum is a must see, not for the sex (got your attention though). I'll include more on the real
Field Museum page but
this is one for the sticky noses. Like this sticky nose found, not much sex is going on here
but that doesn't mean it wasn't really interesting and entertaining. For those museum types who are interested,
this section was for the kiddies (we adult types had a bit of fun too) and was a biological science interactive
as part of the permanent exhibition. Disappointment awaited the inquisitive few who dared peek through the
red velvet curtain....a couple of posters with cells dividing and confusingly, one of a frog and a tadpole.
Nearby a much more compelling drama was unfolding, "is it dead"? We and all the 10yr olds in the vicinity

initially decided "it" was indeed dead. The text panel explained that all the little fishes swimming with the Lung fish
were its food...problem was that "its food" appeared to be eating it. It was very still in its murky tank, not even
the eyes looked alive. Just when we were thinking we needed to alert the proper authorities about this atrocity,
a decaying dead fish display can't be good for kiddies minds, the thing suddenly lurched sloth like to the surface,
gulped some air and slunk back to the bottom to remain motionless once again. This impressed us much more than the
10yr olds who simply shrugged and walked off. Such is life, and death at the Field Museum.

Note: Living Lung Fish look pretty much like dead Lung the very least, extremely bored.

Anyone for sex?
image © lee-anne raymond