A Squirrel here a Squirrel there

..me thinks in the USA these little guys are everywhere....
To the international visitor these cute, furry, busy little creatures are a delight, I could have sat at the breakfast window of
our B&B in Lincoln Park and watched this little character and his partner all morning. Every morning they were scurrying
around this massive plane tree in search of winter stores or attempting to catch some warming rays from the weak Autumn
sunshine. Locals seemed to enjoy their company too but knew to lock up their garbage bins tight. The little character further
down was captured on a walk through Grant Park on the way to Lake Shore Drive. They are inquisitive of humans in so far as to
exhaust the possibility of obtaining more stores for the encroaching winter. Determined but not pushy or desperate, they diligently
go about their quest in most entertaining ways.

Buckingham Fountain looking back toward Michigan Ave.
image © lee-anne raymond

image © lee-anne raymond