Michigan Avenue

The top image is actually of North Michigan Avenue looking north. The image below is South Michigan looking south.
At top - taken when dusk is about to set in as shown by the firing up of the street lamps.
Michigan Ave is one of the worlds finest boulevards and it shows. One disconcerting fact is that not one rubbish bin (trash bin) sullies
its elegance along either side for it's entire length from what we could grasp. We were not sure if this was due to the possible theory
that no bins = no rubbish? Or, the more sinister thought that it would prevent their misuse for evil deeds. What ever the reason it
made for a difficult logistical problem in trying to dispose of our rubbish. We hung on to it basically and off loaded when
arriving at a train station or tourist stop, so the first theory may be the correct one.

Buckingham Fountain looking back toward Michigan Ave.
image © lee-anne raymond

image © lee-anne raymond