About the artist


email: leeanneart@netspace.net.au

I was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1963. The art scene of this city remains incredibly conservative in its attitudes towards work in the Surreal and/or Fantastic genres. I work in oils on canvas and I am largely self taught with a little formal technical training along with benefiting from the generous help of artist friends.

Artistic Aims and Methods: I hope to provoke questions for the viewer to ponder on with each image. I want them to think; what is the message here? Although aesthetics are always a consideration eg: in terms of balance of composition, colour and tonal gradation, light and dark, etc; concerns about whether or not the painting will compliment someone's decor is never an issue. The works sometimes become answers to my own questions. Sometimes it is all imagination. Generally the ideas are an intellectual expression of how I view the world. I cannot simply paint what is there and attain satisfaction from the effort. It is not enough. It is the idea on which all other things pivot, however, the success or failure of a painting can depend on technical execution. I work in oils on canvas and combine a kind of fresco technique with tonal realism, working up the surface of the canvas in layers. It was and remains difficult to reconcile the two and I am still learning what I can do with this method. I also use photography; of models, objects or scenes in order to accurately reference all the elements of an idea that are represented within the composition. Sometimes I will have the idea first then search for the elements to reference. Sometimes the elements I have collected will themselves suggest the idea. There is no rule here.