Lee-Anne Raymond Surreal and Fantastic Art

These discreet works are disconnected, marooned, surreal musings.
It is my practice is to start with drawing an idea, to develope the idea and form composition. In many cases this results in a detailed finished work on paper.
Detailed drawings have almost always preceeded my paintings. In the case of these discreet works several were created during the decade long legal proceedings noted elsewhere.


Each of these drawings has a sense of completion about them, however they are mainly vingnettes or part of an idea in composition.
Ossified Flight being the exception, it is a completed piece not a study or one intended to later develop as a painting.
It sits as perhaps my last complete work since late 2010.
Developing an idea may take a considerable amount of time as the process from idea to drawing to painting can consume many weeks if not months.
It is a basic reality for all artists that they must be able to rely upon and control their creative space in order to develop and then to produce their artwork.