Lee-Anne Raymond Surreal and Fantastic Art

It is my practice, particularly when formulating a series, to develope the ideas and composition through detailed, finished works on paper.
The selection shown here preceed the decade long legal proceedings described elsewhere. All were realised into paintings prior 2011.

As yet I've been unable to reestablish my art practice, studio and *integrity. The website you are browsing is part of the recovery effort.
(*Artist's Moral Rights are legal rights defined in the Berne Convention under 6bis and in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights - the ICESCR.)
A petition to Geneva under the ICCPR reamins ongoing.


The selected drawings are all graphite on a range of different art paper.
During the developmental phase I create, research and source references as an idea forms.
I use only my own photographic references, objects from life and my imagination. All models are professional artist models.
Developing an idea may take a considerable amount of time, essentially the process from drawing to painting consumes many weeks if not months.
It is a basic reality for all artists that they must be able to rely upon and control their creative space in order to develop and then to produce their artwork.