Lee-Anne Raymond Surreal and Fantastic Art

It is my practice, particularly when formulating a series, to develope the ideas and composition through detailed, finished works on paper.
The selection shown here have been created in stage 4 restrictions during the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020.

As yet I've been unable to reestablish my art practice, studio and *integrity. The website you are browsing is part of the recovery effort.
(*Artist's Moral Rights are legal rights defined in the Berne Convention under 6bis and in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights - the ICESCR.)
A petition to Geneva under the ICCPR reamins ongoing.


The selected drawings are all graphite on a range of different art paper.
During the developmental phase I create, research and source references as an idea forms.
I use only my own photographic references, objects from life and my imagination. All models are professional artist models.
Developing an idea may take a considerable amount of time, essentially the process from drawing to painting consumes many weeks if not months.
It is a basic reality for all artists that they must be able to rely upon and control their creative space in order to develop and then to produce their artwork.