Lee-Anne Raymond Surreal and Fantastic Art


Many of these Surreal doodles on paper (the exception being Grendel's Mother) traverse a period when legal action was taken against me and my art.
Events occurring between 2011 to 2017 were profoundly destructive to my ability to practice art along with other damaging conseuences.
Effectively the ability to create art in the way I had done for more than twenty years prior is yet to recover.

These Surroodles formed the basis of fragments, lost dreams and half remembered things
A website launched in 2015 just prior the successful appeal of a punitive 2014 judgement
that took away my home and studio along with the capacity to practice art.


Mostly these surreal doodles are created with pen or ink on a variety of note paper or within artist diary books.
Some sit within the notes taken during the trial hearings. To me they represent my creative life set unaturally and deliberately adrift.

Whilst the process of drawing can be performed almost anywhere and under any circumstance this still requires time.
It is a basic reality for all artists that they must be able to rely upon and control their creative space in order to develop and then to produce their artwork.