Lee-Anne Raymond Surreal and Fantastic Art


The Red Mass Series exists only as this series of drawings. All are yet to be painted. The subject of the series is the judiciary.
It is the conduct of the judiciary that “informs” the critical elements in the series in that its actions caused me the loss of my art studio, my home and artistic career.
The overriding theme is of a judiciary functioning without oversight, outside legal constraints, with callous impunity,
and in a manner in which it believes it is ordained to do so by a make-believe entity, “god”. *(see below)

These works are inspired by events and experiences during the bizarre law suit that was brought against my artist partner and I in early 2011.
Earlier, 2009, during an exhibition held at his now defunct gallery the gallery owner/director
declared extraordinary and offensive statements in public at the opening night event.
In this unjustified and unprovoked rant he publicly and repeatedly denigrated our art, attacking our artistic integrity and character.
In the days that followed we sought to remedy the situation but were instead subjected to his repeated attacks.
The ensuing court antics by this same attacker along with the baffling behviour of the presiding judge saw us lose the initial trial.
Inconceivable, given the weight of evidence and witness statements to the contrary, it was a debacle of judicial ineptitude and bias.
We were not to know the disdain this judge held for us extended deep within the Australian judiciary which, we were to discover,
demonstrated it collectively held a comprehensive contempt for artists moral rights.
(Artist’s "Moral Rights", are legal rights defined in the Berne Convention under 6bis and
in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights - ICESCR.)
The judiciary we experienced held a disdain for us as artists, as citizens challenging their decisions, and was one that
blythly conflated its ignorance of Surrealism with justification to hold the art and us in poor regard.

Inexcusable actions by officials of the Australian courts ensured the devastating loss of my ability to produce art and the loss of my artistic integrity.
The renewal of my primary art website has been long overdue, its delayed redesign being one of the consequences of fighting, nearly 10 years now,
to recover my artistic integrity.

A complaint in the form of a petition to Geneva under the ICCPR is ongoing.

The full account can be found on www.redlegvartists.com